Timetable Planner

Timetable Planner

Timetable Planner

The Timetable Planner shows the University Timetable for:

  • Semester 1 2016
  • Semester 2 2016
  • Semester 1TRI 2016 VU Sydney
  • Semester 2TRI 2016 VU Sydney
  • Semester 3 (Summer Option)
  • Depending on your level of study you can see timetables for:

    • Higher Education (HE): Bachelor degrees, Masters, PhD and Graduate courses or
    • Vocational Education (VE): certificates and diplomas

    There are two steps to using the Timetable Planner.

    1. Selecting units (HE) or courses (VE)
    2. Viewing timetables as a grid (calendar) or list

    Please note that timetables may change (including addition, withdrawing or restructuring of units/courses).

    Find out more information about our timetables including Timetable Planner hints and tips and submitting your preferences through MyTimetable.

    Tips for selecting units (HE)

    For Bachelor degrees, Masters, PhD and Graduate courses, units are listed alphabetically by their unit code. To find out which units are available for your course please see either course delivery plans or the course page.

    Tips for selecting courses (VE)

    For certificates and diplomas, courses are listed alphabetically by their course code and group number. To find the course code please see the course page. Re-enrolling students will know their group while new students will be assigned one after enrolment. If you're unsure about which course group to choose you can select all the groups relating to your course to see the full variety.

Need help?
Please read our Timetable Planner hints and tips, find out more about how to use MyTimetable and, if your require further assistance, please ask a question at ASKVU, chat with us online, call +61 3 9919 6100 or visit a Student Service Centre.